About me

 Hi, I’m Andrew Mackenzie

Welcome to my photography website and this section about me.
So let’s get down to it and tell you how I started and where I am now as a self-taught photographer.

My passion for photography was sparked by my love of music (local live music) As I was friends with lots of people in bands, I can remember the first gigs I shot in 2006 a band who don’t exist now but at the time called Brian Said and Missed Fee they were excellent at the time I only had a Kodak bridge camera we all had to start somewhere. This soon blossomed and I shot more live music events at my local venue The Twist.

At the start of 2007, I was introduced to model photography by a friend who still does photography now, and I remember I had to use her camera as mine was no good on the day! But I only really started doing this properly in early 2008 with a friend who was an Alternative model for an online magazine (Nocturnal) this would be my starting platform which I’m glad I started at

I felt I had found my place in the photography world; live music and model photography all self-taught with tips and tricks from the web and other friends.   My Music and Model photography would intertwine and I got a lot of music photography inspiration from a lady whom I’m still in contact with and often gave me advice; Marianne Harris I started to look myself at how to get into the bigger shows and be better, emailing press offices and contacting big local venues. My first big venue at the time was Colchester Arts Centre where I shot Architects  and from then it seemed to take off I would usually head up to London or Norwich to shoot bands with the spare time I had then and I met a lady at a London show in 2009 who was the editor of a magazine and she asked me to join her team so I took up the opportunity  and I got to shot a lot of shows including the Kerrang Tour 2010, that year the magazine ended and I moved onwards and upwards.

Throughout my time doing live music photography I progressed with shooting models in my local studio and round other photographers houses going to group shoots and other events this would become my networking group and my contacts locally.

Since then  I have shot for two other magazines and worked with many bands and models I often shoot other material such as landscapes and events. I always look back on my work so I can learn and progress in my photography both theoretically and practically.

2018 onwards

I feel that I have come to a point where I want to put as much time and effort into the work I produce and that with the help of my website, social media and my photography network that this may keep growing and continuing.