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A look back at 2017

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Well I can honestly say that I’ve had another great year with my photography and here is why…

I have had a great 2017, and I really feel I have come on leaps and bounds with the work I have been producing.


I felt last year I was not putting in the time to organize myself properly prior to going to a new shoot. With this in mind I set out to walk into new shoots knowing roughly what I wanted from that shoot or the main shots I wanted to produce. Pinterest has been my inspiration. I like to create mood boards of ideas to show clients prior to shoots and help me to get inspired for group shoots. I have also picked up tips and small hacks for other useful photography bits.

My camera gear is not big as I would like it to be, but I am still growing my collection and saving up for the right lenses. I really take the time to select the right items for the job at hand and I like to experiment with behind the scenes work, but this is not always possible as it can be a little intrusive for the client.


I had a good look at my first few years of shooting models and I had a mixed reaction. Some of my work was good with what knowledge I had and the gear at the time, other work not so good. This year I have done a lot of research to help me with the situation I was going into, or in it was usually a YouTube search with a lens or a scenario I was unsure about, or searching for editing tips and tricks.

Some of my shots from this year I have looked at over and over again as I feel very proud of them. I have put the time and effort into making the shot right and doing the shoot with a open mind.  I have been taught little bits of knowledge by the photographers and models whom I surround myself with; getting constructive criticism from my local photography group has really helped with my progression. This is helping me grow and learn and develop as a photographer.


This year I have spent a lot of time on this website, perfecting the content to show off my best work. I have also got recently got some new business cards printed, and went through a re-brand with my logo. I am getting to work with new clients through word of mouth recommendations, so my name is getting out there and may that continue!

2018 Objectives

I hope that I continue to grow in knowledge and I will be attending more classes and seminars on photography during 2018 to progress further.

I want to work with existing clients and brand new ones to expand my portfolio even further along with landscapes and music photography.

I have recently just treated myself to two accessories; one being a sphere ball from Lensball  and the other a new tripod from Benro and my mind is buzzing with ideas on how I can use these to create some cool shots that are different and unique.

If you would like to work together in 2018, then get in touch. You can email me at or you can Tweet me, Facebook me or Instagram me!

Here are a few of my favourite shots from 2017. Happy New Year to all my clients!

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