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The weirdest year in my Photography Carer

Well hello, all!

It's been ages since I've done a blog, I'm currently writing this in a hotel in Norwich.

Where to start!?.....

We have all had a very uncertain, strange, and even lonely year! Since Coronavirus took over our lives it has changed all aspects of our normal ways, and challenged us, whether you work for a big company or a small independent one, working as we knew it has massively been impacted.

Photography is a huge hobby of mine and since I started I've always strived to create the best work possible, challenging myself at each stage in every shoot I do.

2020 was going to be a year full of photography that would boost my portfolio massively, I had big plans to get published further in all aspects of my portfolio.

The year started off great..... Then covid happened, I wanted to get shooting and started to shoot all different things, location shoot in urban areas and woodland areas. I also got into the studio to shoot new models and some group shoots (seems like a lifetime ago) I managed to get in 8 shoots before we went into lockdown 1.0 this was great! It gave me a huge boost of work, selection of locations, and models to work with, and even some new models I had the fortune to work with.

When lockdown hit it was all a bit surreal and weird, that my diary of events, I'd spent most of December, and January planning had all but ended, my diary now going from nice and busy to completely empty. Through lockdown, I spent most of it editing the shoots I'd done just before lockdown and making them look the best possible, I didn't know when I'd next have the opportunity to shoot a person, event, or location.

After lockdown 1.0 ended I carefully headed out to do a couple of socially distanced shoots with some new clients who wanted to work with me. During lockdown, my own mental health was affected and I wanted to help those like myself and raise awareness of Mental health. In 2019 I wanted to execute a mental health shoot and get it published. I'm happy to say I achieved this and that it was published online. This is still a project I will carry on in my portfolio.

Throughout the year I got to work with new clients, adding new faces to my 2020 portfolio, although a year of uncertainty, I have put my heart into each shoot I've undertaken, even during the first lockdown, I was able to join in with a famous photographer's weekly editing challenge! You can also view those on my Instagram page.


So what will 2021 have install for me, for you, for the world?! Well, I don't know..... due to covid 19 I will probably not be shooting music photography for a little while, although, I hope to be able to shoot the odd event here and there, I have lots of plans and ideas for 2021.....

New Kit / Lighting

As I am growing and doing more outdoor shoots, I've found I can't shoot during sunset or early evening due to not having a lighting source, so I'm hoping to get a lighting setup sorted for this.

Lens / Camera

I've had my camera now for about 12 years and it's done nothing but bring great images to my portfolio! I may look to upgrade but we will wait and see.... sometimes it best to stick to our faithful tools. As for lenses, I updated two of my lenses in 2020 and now just need a New telephoto lens for new projects with landscapes.


The only thing I want to replace would be a new bag, although I have a big travel one and a smaller one I want to replace my small one with an update as that bag is also about 8 years old and has gone around the world with me.

Well, I hope to see you all in 2021 and will be updating you with any news!

Thank you to everyone who made 2020 possible!


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