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Progression and striving to be better then before.

Strive for progress not for perfection…..


Covid-19 stunted the start of 2021 with me not being able to shoot anything until March !

Model photography

As above I didn’t start shooting anyone until March and I think what I needed was a break, although photography is my hobby I go through weird stages with being creative etc. This year has been really good for my model photography, I have had the chance to work with brand new clients and been able to work with old clients again and create amazing work and this got even better with a BRAND NEW camera I got for my birthday (see below). I’ve received lots of positivity from my clients to about the work we create together and this means the world to me. I've been lucky enough to have some of my work published by a few magazines and I was also accepted into the “Rouge Model Management " family being one of their photographers.

I’ve not able to really meet up with other photographers at group events except for one which was nice to meet new clients and a new photographer.

As a whole I’ve really been blessed to meet, work and create with new people.

Music Photography

I knew that music photography would be the one area in my portfolio that would take the biggest hit and that I would miss the most, this is were I started in my photography career and something that I always want to keep doing. This side of my portfolio has been dormant, But whilst quiet I have been working with the magazine I shoot music for “Unrated Magazine” and have been writing album reviews for music that have come out this year. I thought that I would send off for shows I wanted to shoot but nothing came back until…. I got my first gig back, which out of all dates was Halloween, this was surreal to go back to shooting music. I’d been off grid in the music scene for 23 months, the longest time in 14 years of shooting artists. I loved and took in every minute and seized all opportunities I could, as Halloween costumes and make up were in abundance and wanted to document this so I asked people for photos of them in costume and some crazy crowd shots. I’m so happy to be back shooting music and I can't wait to see what 2022 has for me and what opportunities it may bring.

Event Photography

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but due to the pandemic and ever changing restrictions and safety concerns. I have not shot any events this year so have replaced this with the odd bit of landscape photography. I hope in 2022 things start to open up and I can find more events to attend and capture the atmosphere.


Gear Update

As you read above I have made a huge leap this year and I decided to take the jump from DSLR to Mirrorless. This is something I planned last year but never did as I didn’t know much about it all. I spent the first 3 months looking at the main three brands I wanted to go with and I had whittled it down to

the “Sony A7 iii” I had sorted out my finances and then out of the blue up on my feed came the “Canon EOS RP” , this camera I’d not seen as I’d always looked at the models up from this. I spent a few nights researching the camera, it’s pros and cons and whether my old lenses would work with it. After a few nights it was purchased and to this day one of the biggest investments and best decisions I've made. Photographers say that you can use a £50 2nd hand camera and get as good results as the high end camera’s this is true but I feel it’s helped my photography so much.


As a photographer I like to watch other creators create their work and teach others and to learn from it as well! As I do from the rest of the other non-photography YouTubers I follow. I wanted to start my YouTube channel back up and running and I always overthinking the process. This was having a negative effect ! So when now when I go out on shoots I will take my GoPro out and do some BTS footage yet I never know how to put it all together but this year if you don’t already know I have my YouTube channel up and running again and I have had a great response and some mixed reviews on it but I feel it’s great to show what goes on behind the scenes and capture a different view of my photography. I hope that this will grow and if you want to check this out links will be at the end.



Wow! 2022 My mind is trying to come to terms that we’re basically done with 2021 and now 2022, when do things slow down?

In 2022 I want to really push myself creatively and doing things I’ve not done before and to try out if I like them or not, I have some ideas in my head still of little projects which will be photo and video based, mixing my photography and YouTube together.


I want to continue working with existing clients and also working with new clients expanding my portfolio even further , I would like to also photograph some celebrities and people who I look up to in the photography world.

I want to be more creative and daring with my work instead of overthinking the goal and giving up when I think it’s not achievable.


With Music events finally getting back up and running, I want to start working with my magazine more and working with bigger artists and making a plan to attend 1 to 2 London based shows a month. This will help my portfolio and own confidence in bigger shows and artists. I also want to attend/ shoot a festival next year for a number of reasons; experience, atmosphere and different style of work. I plan to try and get 12 gigs in 2022 but I will take what is given to me.


I really look forward to next year and what chances it brings me in regards to this area of my photography as it would be great to capture people and events going on within my area and any that I find and take interest too. Let’s see what happened there.

Overall I feel I’ve had a lovely year and that I’ve grown in small leaps and bounds and I’ve learnt a lot from other creatives.

A big thank you to all who have read this and have stuck by me since this ride started.


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