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A Well Deserved New Logo

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

It’s been about a year since I have had this website and this has given me

great opportunity to showcase my best work.  Now I know I’m not a professional photographer but I strive to do the best work I can, the past six months I’ve been thinking of stepping up the game of my photography.

I looked over all my work and looking through it I felt I had a logo that I wasn’t happy with now I’d spoken with friends and I felt it was time for a facelift.

This was logo designed by myself using a free font off the internet In 2011 and I loved this as it suited my music photography very heavy and bold, but I now know this is a bit of an eyesore on my work. so I looked into it and did my research on different types of logos, and styles I wanted to go for. I had trouble finding something until my partner showed me a possible design and it just looked right.  I did a rough logo using once again two free fonts off the internet. I asked my Facebook photography groups and friends who may help if they knew anyone, this was so I had lots of options to choose from and narrow it down.

Why I chose this style? 

I had looked at a lot of fonts and types of text I had done research looking at my artists whom I look up to for some inspiration also but I still couldn’t find anything. I wanted a style that said I was a professional and took what I did seriously,  I looked into asking my friends who were in the design business if they know anyone or could themselves help me out and design me a logo with the look I was going for but I felt it didn’t look right. So I’m sat here editing and playing around with this new logo design I had come to like but it was needing a final touch. I chatted with my partner about it and she had a play around (she’s good at Photoshop) and I was like I LOVE IT!

I sampled it on a couple of images but it wasn’t coming out how I liked due to pixelation. I took the plunge and headed over to Fiverr. I looked through about 4/5 pages of designs and designers and I found a person whose work looked good and had good ratings. The order I requested came through on time and came with 2 different versions of a logo also a version of the logo in a picture to give it context.  I made a small adjustment that the designer forgot but he came back with a great edit.

I hope you as an audience like the NEW fresh feel I have gone for and that it will serve me well.

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