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Photography in Ibiza

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

As a photographer I like visiting new parts of the world, documenting communities, life, nightlife and other bits. Here’s a bit I wrote about Ibiza which I recently visited.

I read a post on  F stoppers  about the battle photographers have when going on holiday; it can be hard to relax and switch of the photographer in me. As a hobbyist photographer I love to take photos of new and wonderful things when I get the chance.

I’ve recently come back from Ibiza with my partner for our summer break. I did take my camera gear with me as I may never go back so I thought it would be great to document it.

We were based in San Antonio Bay. just 20 mins walk from San Antonio Port itself.  The area was beautiful with white sand and beautiful clear water.  When we went out I had my camera with me and either one or all of my lenses so I had a good choice.   I never planned  what style of photo I would like to take, I just shot what took my  interest that day or night.  It was a great location, a busy promenade with plenty of clubs for both locals and tourists and nice bars  and restaurants to chill.

Here is a small selection of my favourite photos I took on the trip.

I took this on I think the 1st or 2nd night walking along the promenade. This is the sign for The Ocean Beach Hotel. I love this as although most of it is black, the lettering is all lit up in such a cool way. When I was editing it was quite grainy due to my settings; I only took 3 shots inc this one.

This is probably the shot which I am happiest with, and if you’re interested I will be selling a copy of this shot HERE.

This was taken during a 90 minute sunset cruise that we took down the west coast of the island. I had a little help with this shot thanks to my camera settings. I shot this completely on RAW mode settings: ISO 100 F11  Exp 1/320secs. I did tweak this in Photoshop a little, and this is the end result.

This is my final photo I have chosen. I shot this very quickly whilst doing a walk to the Cathedral Area of Ibiza Old Town. I was walking along and I had to stop and change my settings which weren’t great, but I managed to capture this image of a man playing the accordion. I quickly shot this, but it wasn’t until I sat down for a drink later and looked at it properly that he has a awesome steampunk style to him – where he was sat the lighting worked brilliantly as you have the light behind him and then there was a entrance of natural light to his right and an arch to his left.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little snapshot of Ibiza and the photos I have taken. More of my photos from my holiday will be up soon on my site and social media accounts, so stay tuned for updates.

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