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What A Cracking Year What Have I Been Up To? 2019 summary

Hello Guys

Long-time no see if you’re reading this then I hope your well.

I do love doing these yearly reflective blogs it give me time to think about my portfolio and how far I have come since I started and how much is possible within a year. So here we go!

(If you haven’t checked out last years yearly posts head HERE.)

Music Photography / Magazine / Published

Music photography is my first love and something I love doing though in my current position in life it can present its challenges due to it being unpredictable and I love to be organised, regardless this January I started working with UNRATED MAGAZINE as a Journalist Photographer for them I can not thank them for how much they have help me. I’ve put myself out there reviewing albums from my favourite artist to artist who I’ve only just found out about. I’ve also been able to photograph some great artists as well, documenting the shows they played and adding the review of the show to make a piece of lovely work. I have had a lot of my work published online you can view this HERE. It has been a challenge getting the shots or writing the write words (especially with dyslexia) that justifies the band and the show they played or when I review and album how I felt when Listening to that track or album.

This continues to improve.

Portraiture Photography

My year started with planning and thinking of ideas I wanted to try and achieve as I was going to be having surgery at the beginning of the year, I thought this was a good way to start. I had the operation in February and recovery was quick, but I took time off to make sure I was fit enough to shoot again. A good photography friend invited me to a day of shooting, and I took the chance to do so and things picked up from there. I have shot at least one shoot a month and worked with some amazing people and gained a few extra clients whom I hope to work with in 2020.

I feel I still have lots to learn as I have found I need to really grasp my lighting as I know I’m just doing what I think is right and not really having not much knowledge on lighting but I know this changes with all shoots. I sometimes have been lucky and nailed it without trying but other shots I come to my editing software and wish I spent 5 more minutes on lighting to nail the shot. I said In my last blog I wanted to try and master Lightroom …. This I haven’t and I want to try I guess I should of and still want to but my “go to” program is Photoshop.

I have met and worked with some lovely clients some whom I have seen progress in their career and its great to see that. In 2020 I have a new challenge that I would like to try and that is photographing celebrities or people in the photography industry I look up to. I also want to get more of my work published and this will take some research I know.

Overall, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot with my portraiture photography, and long may it continue I also have some announcements that I will be making for the New year.


My Event photography is the smaller area of my photography which gives me variety and helps keep my photography interesting. I have only done a couple of events this year, These were important so I supported them by giving up my time to help them I got to work with a fairly new charity “Oakley’s Gift” this was amazing and lots of fun shooting a style of event id never done. This Summer I put forward my name for Tendring Hundred Show 2019 and was luck enough to get a photo pass to the event, I didn’t know what to expect but I had a fantastic time and got paid for the images they asked for. I did get asked to do another livestock event this December but had to decline due to my day job.

This year has been a great year and my work has picked up in all areas and I hope that this continues.

I plan on starting 2020 with improving my knowledge of lighting using a local photographer and his teaching and putting it to practice. I also want to sell myself more as I don’t and advertise myself better through social media and local people.

I want to thank all whom I’ve worked with and will work with in the future.

For more updates and new work head over to my instagram.


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