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Ruby Roo (Roberta White)

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

I thought what better than to introduce the new blog section with this.

On the 10th August, I had the pleasure of working with Roberta White (Ruby-Roo). I had seen one of my photography friends had worked with Roberta and when I saw the pictures I thought they were great and wanted to work with her.

I got in touch with her and explained my thoughts and the ideas I had and the style of shoot I wanted to create, she was excited about it and wanted to help me. This changed due to unforeseen circumstances and we chose a new style something completely different.

I met Roberta finally, a real bubbly lady with a great personality, We headed to our first location Highwoods country park and got started. For this (Image Below) I was using my 18-200mm lens due to my kit lens breaking that week. We moved around using different poses and angles of light I wanted to get more confident working outdoor in natural light and getting some great images.

With some good images, we moved on to St Botolphs which is an old priory and using the architecture of the ruins got some absolute cracking images. We paused for some lunch and wandered around Castle Park using all the bright colours of the flowers  and surroundings to put into the photos we were very lucky to shoot on such a good day and have so much fun and creating images that I was proud of.

I don’t work using natural light a lot and I found it a little tough trying to find the best settings to get the crisp images and capturing the best light but I feel that the shoot was a great success and I have great images to show you.



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